We have a range of small animals available for adoption.

At Little PAWS Rescue we have Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice of various breeds, sizes and colours looking for their furever home. Before taking an animal on trial there are some important details and requirements to go through regarding housing and individual animal cares. For information regarding the requirements please contact us and we can assist you further.

After confirming the basics you can make an appointment to visit our rescue for a meet and greet. You will meet our available animals and we will go through the care, health and behaviours of the animal/s you are interested in. We offer ongoing support during your trial to ensure the adoption is for the best for both you and the animal.

We provide free loan equipment during the trial period so you can see whether a furry friend is right for you without a financial commitment.

Prior to becoming available, all animals are vet checked, all rabbits are desexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Guinea pigs are micro-chipped, and male guinea pigs are desexed. Male rats are desexed.

Click on the links for each animal below to navigate to their Pet Rescue page.


Rabbit, Male, New Zealand White, 3yrs

Rabbit, Male, Dwarf Lop, 1yr

Bobbie & Phoebe
Rabbits, Male & Female, Californian Mix, 4yrs


Rabbit, Male, Dwarf Mix, 2yrs

Rabbit, Male, Dwarf, 1.5yrs

Rabbit, Male, Dwarf, 1yr

Rabbit, Male, 1yr

Rabbit, Female, 1yr

Rodent, Female, 1yr

Rodent, Female, 1yr